Casey Donovan Wants To Be Australia's Next Bachelorette -- And Osher Is On Board

You know what to do, Australia. #Casey4Bachelorette! #Casey4Bachelorette! #Casey4Bachelorette!

She's won the nation's heart twice before, now it's time for someone to win hers.

You know her as the winner of Australian Idol, you know her as the winner of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, and last week we sat down with Casey Donovan to chat about her first foray into acting on Ten's Street Smart.

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We asked all the important questions, like whether she preferred puppies or kittens (she likes both!), and her favourite film (Ace Ventura Pet Detective).

We also asked what show she'd be on if she wasn't on Street Smart right now.

"The Bachelor... ette," she replied. "I don't know, let's just start some more rumours, shall we?"

She told us that she would love to be the Bachelorette, and asked us to "put a good word in" for her.

"I'm just going to carry roses around in daily life and just give them to people that I think are attractive or nice," she added. "I'm going to start my own Bachelorette".

Back at ten daily, we got to thinking, and we reckon Casey would make an iconic Bachelorette, but before we could bring you our gorgeous campaign, we checked in with Osher Günsberg himself and, luckily, he agreed with us!

"I think Casey Donovan would be an extraordinary Bachelorette," Osher told us. "She would have a lot of fun, we would have a lot of fun together."

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Mulling it over, he continued: "She is a great human being, she doesn't suffer fools. I think it would be a blast to have her as the Bachelorette. Who do we need to talk to, to make that happen? That would be great."

Now, we're turning to you, Australia, to help us make this happen.

We believe this is a campaign that the whole nation can get behind. After all, we're the same country that made #Denyer4Gold a success, and remember back in 2015 when #Tay4Hottest100 was such a success it freaked the snobs at Triple J out and made them ban Taylor Swift? We are a nation of change, a nation that can get behind a worthy cause and make it happen.

Australia, you know what to do. It's time to make #Casey4Bachelorette a reality*.

*After Ali, of course.

Feature image: Getty Images