Nicki Minaj’s Ex Accuses Her Of Stabbing Him During Assault, Maury Povich Gets Involved

This shiz is bananas!

"I almost died."

It’s safe to say there’s no love lost between former flames Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels!

The pair -- who dated for 12 years before breaking up in 2014 -- have been beefing over Twitter following Minaj’s radio interview with Hot 97, in which she claimed that Samuels had been paying for sex workers throughout their relationship.

Samuels then came out swinging over Twitter, accusing the rapper of stabbing him during a violent altercation that ended with him in hospital.

The "Fefe" songstress quickly hit back at her ex’s claims, instead accusing him of “stealing her cards”.

Samuels denied stealing her credit card to hire sex workers, and went on to accuse Nicki of being in a "full-blown relationship (with rapper Meek Mill) towards the end of ours."

Samuels then decided to cut the beef before it escalated any further, saying he had “no hate” for the 35-year-old.

Nicki, however, couldn’t resist taking one final jab at her former lover, adding that she dropped “10 racks” on his new hairline.

Probably the most iconic moment of the entire argument, however, was when MAURY POVICH HIMSELF decided to get involved, suggesting the pair take one of his infamous lie detector tests to put matters to rest once and for all.

We would watch the sh*t outta that episode, tbh.

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