Guy Pearce Tried To Teach Stephen Colbert Aussie Slang

Who says "dinks"????

Guy Pearce was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert  this week to talk about his upcoming series The Innocents, but Colbert first wanted a master lesson in Aussie slang.

Noting that the legendary star would know his way around some Aussie phrases, Colbert attempted to master some of our true blue phrases.

Giving the number one shortcut to speaking like an Aussie, Pearce first noted how we love to abbreviate words and slap a "-y" at the end.

"We cut the end off every word word and put a y at the end of it, so Christmas becomes Chrissy, presents would be pressies," the actor explained.

But the one that really stumped the Late Show host was "Fair Dinkum". When he quizzed Pearce on what the term actually meant, the explanation was probably no help.

"I don't know the answer to that question," he said adding the example, "If I was to say something to you like some sort of far-fetched story or something that you really couldn't believe you'd say 'Fair dinkum?' and I would say 'Fair dinkum!'"

Then the 50-year-old said that you could shorten it to just "dinks" which... uhh, look that one lost us a little.

Pearce's new show The Innocents is a supernatural thriller that co-stars Percelle Ascott and Sorcha Groundsell, and follows a young girl named June who discovers she comes from a long line of shapeshifters.

The series hits Netflix later this month on August 24.

You can watch Guy Pearce's entire interview on The Late Show on Tenplay.

Featured image: CBS.