Lena Dunham Tweets Out List Of Baby Names She Made With Ex Jack Antonoff

Carrot? You want to call your baby Carrot?

If you're anything like us you often find yourself sitting in your worn down rocking chair in the attic of your furniture-less home, quietly rocking as you look out to a cold, grey morning.

You tug at the shawl draped over your shoulders as you wipe away a single tear and you quietly whisper to ghosts, "I wonder what Lena Dunham would have called her kids with Jack Antonoff".

Well wonder no longer, our good friend!

Dunham tweeted on Monday, "Hey @jackantonoff I just found a potential baby name list we made in 2015".

The constant oversharer added, "I could definitely keep this private, but then the world wouldn't know that you suggested "Carrot" over and over... Love u!!!"

Now, Dunham does make a good point, honestly she could have kept the list private, but then we would have been robbed of the knowledge that Antonoff and Dunham's possible child could have been called "Na" or "Shogo".

The full list includes:

Oz, Kelly, Na, Carrot, Ricki Lee, Jacki, Eddy, Joy, Sara Lee, Zavie, Toni, Camilla, Loretta, Rah, Shogo, Clare, Gracious.

Imagine being named either after a delicious cake and frozen food empire or... a carrot.

Dunham and Antonoff dated for almost six years, splitting in January with the Girls star and creator exploring her solitude in a post-break-up piece for Vogue.

Since the split the pair have maintained a close relationship with Lena sharing the in and outs of all their time together including the time she texted him about eating sugar.

Or that time she reminded him that her mom and Molly Ringwald are best friends.

Anyway now you're all caught up on Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff.

Featured image: Getty.