Beyoncé and Jay-Z Day Is Now A Holiday In Minnesota, Should Be Globally Recognised


You might think you're the biggest Beyoncé fan, but have you ever heard of Minnesota governor Mike Dayton?

Back in 2016, the governor decided that May 23 should be Beyoncé Day in honour of the first Formation show.

"Thousands of Minnesotans will gather at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Monday, May 23, 2016, to hear Beyoncé perform," the official proclamation read, marking the date an official day.

Well, NOW Dayton has done it again and has coined the newest holiday we think the world's leaders should adopt: Beyoncé and Jay-Z Day.

Yep, August 8 is now Beyoncé and Jay-Z Day in Minnesota.

"Through their lives and music, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have inspired Minnesotans, and music fans around the world," the proclamation read before again noting that thousands of Minnesotans were heading to see the Carters perform as part of their On The Run II world tour.

By the way, this isn't like home state pride or anything, Bey's from Texas and Jay's a New Yorker... Dayton is probably just a member of the Beyhive -- the name given to Beyoncé's legion of dedicated fans.

If that wasn't enough to showcase the power of the Carters, over in South Carolina six schools in the Richland 1 district are planning to close early later this month on the day of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Columbia concert.

Now, who do we write to in order to get this an official worldwide holiday?

Featured image: Getty Images.