A Fan Just Figured Out They Once Took A Pic With 11-Year-Old Blake Lively Dressed As Baby Spice


Stars... they're just like us! Pretending to be Emma Bunton at Spice Girls concerts in 1997!

One Spice Girl fan realised this when she found an incredible photo, taking a pic with a young girl dressed as Emma "Baby Spice" Bunton, who she only just realised was none other than Blake Lively.

After the pic attracted Blake's attention she tweeted it saying "My secret is out..." before also sharing the photo on Instagram with a bit more backstory.

The pic was apparently shot at the Glen Helen Amphitheatre in 1997, with Madrid also saying the pair should reunite during the highly speculated reunion tour.

You have to hand it to Blake, committing to some ankle-destroying Spice-level platform shoes.

If that wasn't enough, the fan-damonium increased tenfold when the actual Baby Spice commented on Blake's pic, complimenting her iconic pigtails.

Spice up your comments section. Image: Instagram @blakelively.

The Spice Girls have been reportedly planning a reunion world tour for months, though it all seems to be a little bit of a confusing situation with Mel B often going on TV and promising that it's a sure thing... only to have other members of the band shoot down the rumours.

Most recently Mel B said on Loose Women that the reunion was almost a sure thing despite, "one that's been a bit difficult" almost certainly referring to Victoria Beckham who has repeatedly assured fans she has no plans to get back on the double-decker tour bus.

If this hasn't Spiced up your life... we just don't know what will.

Featured image: Getty images / Twitter @briamadrid.