Lance Bass Isn't Buying The Brady Bunch House After All

This is literally the plot of 'The Brady Bunch Movie'...

In case you missed it, the actual real-life house that inspired the exteriors for The Brady Bunch house went up for sale a few weeks ago, which was very exciting for anyone who wanted a place to hang their flared jeans collection.

Last Friday it also came to light that the house may have had a new owner... *NSYNC member and cosmonaut Lance Bass announced via Twitter that he had the winning bid!

The 39-year-old also confirmed to a fan via Twitter that he had planned to remodel the house to match the TV show's interiors.

Bass was thrilled with the news that he had locked down the iconic property,  edging out one of the Property Brothers for the winning bid, and receiving the congratulations of one Marcia Brady herself.

It seemed like everything was hunky dory, but soon this wholesome adventure took a very Jan-like turn.

On Sunday Bass posted to Twitter about the house once again, but this time it was to announce he had lost the bid.

Heartbroken, Bass revealed that after a night of celebrating their winning bid the former boyband member was then informed by the agent that an unnamed "corporate buyer" had made an offer they couldn't refuse.

"We were prepared to go even higher but totally discouraged by the sellers agent," Bass wrote, "they will outperform any bid with unlimited resources. How is this fair or legal?"

You guys, we're not making light of Bass' misfortune but can we just casually remind you that this is ~literally~ the plot of The Brady Bunch Movie?

Remember?! Larry Dittmeyer forces the Brady family to raise $20,000 or else he'll take away their house! Not wanting to lose their home, the Brady kids enter a talent competition to win the money and save the day!

Lance Bass, former musician, literally just needs to put on his Sunday best and go to Sears.

Featured image: Getty / Paramount Pictures.