Ariana Grande Apologises For Bad Merch: "I Don't Wear T-Shirts"

Today in: "Sounds fake but okay".

Hi there. We're gathered here today because Ariana Grande has apologised for some trash merchandise sent out to fans by her team, which she didn't approve because she "doesn't wear t-shirts".

Before we get into that, here's the context. A fan tweeted a photo of a Sweetener-era t-shirt, saying that it "looks like those t-shirts people sell outside of concerts".

Ari responded to the fan, saying that she "can't believe [her team] sent it out".

While noting that she was "so so sorry" and calling the merch "trash", she also mentioned that she didn't have the line of t-shirts sent to her for approval because she doesn't wear them herself.

Anyway, here's a bunch of photos of Ariana wearing t-shirts over the years. Bye!

Feature image: Getty Images