Demi Lovato Suffering Complications After Apparent Overdose

Sources have stated Demi is still "suffering extreme nausea and a high fever" as she recovers from an apparent overdose.

Six days after being hospitalised for an apparent overdose, Demi Lovato is still in hospital, with various sources reporting that she is suffering some complications with her recovery.

TMZ has reported that "sources with firsthand knowledge" have said that "she is suffering extreme nausea and a high fever, among other things".

While it's not currently known when Demi is expected to be discharged from hospital, the source also said that she is "under the care of medical experts and is expected to make a full recovery."

People magazine also echoed this, with a source close to Demi reportedly saying that she "wasn't doing well over the weekend".

“She came down with a fever and showed signs of an infection," the source told People. "She is currently being treated for issues that are very common after a drug overdose. She will need to stay in the hospital for a few more days, but is expected to make a full recovery.”

After speculation that Demi will re-enter a treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction after being released from hospital, People's source said that no plans have been made yet.

“It’s too soon to say what the next steps are in terms of entering treatment,” they said. “Right now everyone is focused on getting Demi physically healthy.”

While some fans have been holding impromptu concerts to show their love and support for Demi while she recovers, others have been looking for someone to hold accountable for Demi's relapse, finding a target in backup dancer Dani Vitale.

After a video that allegedly shows Dani at a party with Demi the night of her hospitalisation surfaced, fans began flooding social media with snake emojis and tweeting that Demi should cut the dancer out of her life.

Dani posted a statement on her Instagram defending herself, where she wrote: “I care about Demi just like all of you do”.

She went on to clarify that she wasn't with Demi at the time of her apparent overdose, with is "with her now, and will continue to be because she means the world to [her]".

"There is no need for any negativity towards the ones who care about Demi at this time," she wrote. "There is too much of it in this world as it is.”

Feature image: Getty Images