Ariana Grande Is Back From Her Social Media Break

It's been a whole week since we last heard from #Grandson, can you believe?

A week after announcing a social media breather, Ariana Grande is back on social media, and we're back from our nap, feeling refreshed and ready to take on some more #Grandson content. No, really!

We feel rested.

ANYWAY, Ari ended her Insta-vacation with a(nother) snap of her and Pete, which is exactly the content we live for, because we love love.

With one snap, she effectively dispelled rumours that her relationship was on the rocks, which popped up when TMZ began speculating that Pete had begun getting one of his four tattoo tributes to Ari removed.

The photo posted shows that the tattoo Pete has of Ari's iconic bunny ears aren't as visible as they were two months ago when he debuted them on Instagram. TMZ have since updated the post to clarify that the tatt is still there, just covered with makeup while Pete films a movie.

While Pete's not back on social media just yet, Ari also posted a snap to her Twitter, captioned: "pretty little body it look betta on you" with a spaceship emoji.

If the conspiracy theory that Ari and Pete will tie the knot on the date of Pete's late-father's badge number -- 8418, a number Ari just got tattooed on her foot -- proves true, then we'll catch you in a few days with info on the wedding.

Stay tuned, folks.

Feature image: Getty Images