Demi Lovato Fans Hold Sing-Along In Place Of Cancelled Show

We're lowkey crying at our desks.

While Demi Lovato recovers from an apparent overdose in hospital, her fans are doing everything they can to show her that they still love and support her.

After trending the hashtag #HowDemiHasHelpedMe last week, fans gathered on Friday evening to hold an impromptu sing-along in place of Demi's scheduled concert, which was cancelled following news of the singer's hospitalisation.

Coming together at Atlantic City Beach, where Demi was supposed to perform, fans sang Demi's latest single "Sober".

In the video, emotional onlookers filming the sing-along can be heard choking up, saying "this is amazing".

"We still love you!" a fan yells as the video ends.

CNN is reporting that Demi Lovato will enter rehab once she's released from hospital. Meanwhile, YouTube has announced that they are still planning to move forward with the follow up to Demi's 2017 YouTube doco Simply Complicated.

"We're working on a second Demi Lovato documentary and I hope she's feeling better," said Susanne Daniels, YouTube's Global Head of Original Content.

Feature image: Getty Images