Dua Lipa Goes Nuts After United Airlines Mishandles Sister's Allergy

She's got cashews she count 'em.

Things got a little heated during Dua Lipa's recent flight on United Airlines when the "New Rules" singer spoke to a flight attendant about her sister's nut allergy.

Tweeting out her interaction with the steward, the 22-year-old was in disbelief when she told him about her sister's severe nut allergy.

So like, yes it does seem kind of outrageous that the steward shrugged off an allergy and announced he was about to throw some nuts across the rest of the plane, but according to United's response to the "One Kiss" singer, they don't actually serve packs of nuts.

When United says that the flight wasn't "nut-free", then, they're referring to the potential risk that foods with traces of nuts, as well as other allergens, could be served during the flight.

Here's United's official policy on customers with food allergies:

"Due to the presence of food allergens in the processing environment and in meals and snacks served, United cannot guarantee an allergen-free meal or environment on its flights. Further, it is not possible to prevent customers from bringing food items on board that contain major food allergens including peanuts. If you have concerns about a severe food allergy, please notify a flight attendant on board the aircraft. In some cases, we may be able to pass along your request to other customers seated nearby to refrain from opening and eating any allergen-containing products they may have brought on board.

For operational reasons, we cannot remove any onboard products based on individual customer requests, and we do not offer allergen-free buffer zones on our aircraft. Since we cannot guarantee allergen-free flights, we encourage customers to review any health concerns with their physicians prior to flying."

When a Twitter user (who has since locked their account) asked if the airline made an announcement, Lipa said they didn't, they just confirmed they wouldn't serve the Lipa sisters nuts.

Others weighed in with their own experiences of attempting to fly with severe allergies, with some saying longhaul flights can be especially difficult to navigate.

While it looks like United reached out to smooth things over with Lipa, one fan had the perfect response that honestly makes so much sense.

Featured image: Getty images.