Bindi Irwin Celebrated Her 20th Birthday With A Touching Tribute

"I'll just get to spend my day getting to say G'day to everyone."

How is it even possible that iconic Khaki queen Bindi Irwin turns 20 today?! But it's true, and in true Irwin fashion, Bindi revealed how she planned to spend the big day.

Talking to Fitzy and Wippa, Bindi said: "At Australia Zoo it's not just about my day and all about me -- its about everybody!"

Where some 20-year-olds celebrate their birthday by chugging an entire bag of goon on a bus, falling asleep before 9pm and waking up to some cold chicken nuggets in their bed, Bindi had other plans.

"I'll be feeding the crocs with my family, how awesome is that?"

"My whole life I've gotten to share my journey and story with so many people, so getting to catch up with everybody on my birthday... it makes my day.

I'll just spend my day getting to say G'day to everyone."

Bindi continued her selfless birthday love-in on Instagram with a gorgeous tribute to her parents Terri and, of course, Steve.

It's birthday season in the Irwin household, with mum Terri celebrating her birthday just four days ago when Bindi surprised her with 100 roses.

Meanwhile, Fitzy and Wippa quizzed Bindi on her boyfriend of three years, Chandler Powell, and how he planned to treat Bindi on her birthday. Again, it was all about the crocs.

"I couldn't be with anyone unless he could jump on crocodiles and feed them and was fearless. So he's been learning how to feed the giant saltwater crocodiles.

"I couldn't have found a more perfect person," Bindi added, "He shares my love of wildlife and wild places, what more could you want?"

Honestly could the Irwin family be any more genuinely sweet? Impossible.

Check out the full interview with Fizy and Wippa here.

Featured image: Getty.