Today In "I'm Tired": Ariana And Pete Are Still At It

Ain't love Grande?!

Hi guys, us again! Can you believe it's been, what, a day(??) since Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande celebrated their two-month anniversary, and yet here we are, with MORE NEWS! It never stops!

Sorry, it's late in the afternoon, and we're feeling a little tired.

Anyway, back to these crazy kids in love.

In a sentence: Today Pete deleted (or archived, who can say?!) all his Insta posts after Ari's stans dragged him for commenting on a photo she posted of herself with her late-grandfather, because they felt that he was being disrespectful.

Pete was like "no???   ?    ?              ??" and then deleted all his posts.

After that, Ari turned off the comments on her Insta, and posted a few #cryptic tweets, prompting her stans, the Arianators, to speculate that love was dead and #Grandson was no longer.

Buuuuuut, Pete then assured that all was fine in #Grandson's world and that he just needed some time away from social media to enjoy his life, which he described as "fucking lit".

He wrote:

"No there’s nothing wrong. No nothing happened. No there’s nothing cryptic about anything. I just don’t wanna be on Instagram anymore. Or on any social media platform. The internet is an evil place and it doesn’t make me feel good. Why should I spend any time on negative energy when my real life is fucking lit. The fact that I even have to say this proves my point. I love you all and I’m sure I’ll be back at some point. ? your neighborhood goon, Pete”
Pete Davidson Instagram

Look, there's some real tea in that "the internet is an evil place" line tbh, but let's not think too hard about that and move right along, shall we?

Ari also told a fan that she's going to be posting on Snapchat while she takes a "breather" from Twitter and Instagram, because she keeps running into "negative shit", which is like, fair enough tbh.

Anyway, nothing says "my relationship is stable and bound to last a lifetime" like the extremely chill behaviour of defending your relationship daily by screeching into the abyss about how happy you are, so we really have no reason to doubt their love at this point.

Meanwhile, Ari's ex-BF Mac Miller has ~broken his silence~ about his break up and how he feels about all things #Grandson, telling Zane Lowe in an interview on Beats 1 that basically, he's fine.

"Life is stressful. So, of course there were stressful times. It's not that unique," he said of their relationship.

"You know, like, I was in love with somebody. We were together for two years. We worked through good times, bad times, stress, and everything else. And then it came to an end and we both moved on. And it's that simple, you know."

As for the #Grandson of it all, he said that he hasn't been online much and has just kind of been getting on with his life.

"Like, I haven't been on the internet. So, you know, people have assumed that I'm ... 'Are you okay? Is everything okay?'" Because I was about to drop the album," he said, adding: "And also, like, I don't know, it just all seemed kind of unimportant, the need to show people I was okay. Like, what is that? Where does that come from? Why? Why do we have this need to use social media and the internet?"

While he conceded that seeing Ari move on so quickly was "strange", he had nothing but "positive energy" to contribute to the conversation about them.

"It's strange. Like, the whole thing is a little strange but it's not negative," he ventured. "It's just a part of something that's going to continue to help make me who I am. You know, it's all positive energy."

"I am happy for her and moving forward with her life, just as I'm sure she is with me," he finished.

Isn't that nice? Ain't love Grande?! Ha, hahaha, haha. Okay bye.

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