Kim Kardashian Rushes Kanye To ER For The Flu

Yeezy was feeling sneezy.

Over the weekend Kim Kardashian rushed her husband Kanye West to the emergency room in order to get the recording artist prescribed some antibiotics.

According to Page Six the visit was a speedy one, with the famous pair checking out of the hospital as quickly as they checked in, allowing West to recover in the comfort of his own home.

Recently, amid complaints that journalists don't refer to him as a 'recording artist', West has been tweeting about ongoing sinus headaches that are reportedly debilitating.

West is referring to the episode "Hated in the Nation", the sixth episode in season three of Black Mirror, which follows a string of murders at the hands of a man who uses mechanical Autonomous Drone Insects -- substitute bees --developed to counteract the depletion of bee populations.

Anyway, we've drifted incredibly off-topic, but it's unclear as to if West went to seek medical help for another sinus headache, or if he was suffering from another ailment.

Just last month West opened up about his mental health and living with bipolar disorder, calling it his 'superpower'.

Featured image: Getty.