Happy Two Month Anniversary, Ariana + Pete!!!

It's #Grandson's world, we're just living in it.

Hello all, let us take you on journey.

It was late May, on the 22nd in the USA.

The news had just broken that Ariana Grande and SNL star Pete Davidson had begun "casually" dating.

We were so young.

"Life is full of surprises!" exclaimed Elle.

How right they were.

We were definitely surprised when Pete debuted two Ari-themed tattoos on June 2nd.

We were even more surprised when rumours began swirling that the two had gotten engaged. The news was pretty much confirmed by June 12...

... but Ari had already been wearing her USD$93,000 ring for 10 days by then. The ring also took three weeks to make, which means Pete ordered it after they'd been dating for like... a week.

Cute pic of us with all the headlines of their engagement.

Of course, these are only a FEW of the biggest moments of the headline generating power couple's whirlwind two months together. The couple now have a shared six tattoos together, with Ari's including "Pete" on her ring finger, and his late-father's badge number, 8418 on her foot. They also both have "H2GKMO" tatted, which means "Honest to God, knock me out", apparently.

There was also the tweet that #broketheinternet, birthed the term "Big Dick Energy" and inspired us to look at all our fave Aussie celebs in a whole new light.

There was also the Manchester joke that fans speculated would be the end of #Grandson. Spoilers, it was not.

Currently, there's a conspiracy theory that the duo will tie the knot next month. Will they? Won't they? All we can do is stay tuned, folks. It's #Grandson's world, we're just living in it.

Anyway, here's us now.

Feature image: Getty Images