Noted Liar Paris Hilton Calls Lindsay Lohan A Liar

Pot, meet kettle.

Hello friends and frenemies.

We're gathered here today because Paris Hilton's social media intern, hired to keep her relevant and her name in the press because she has 600 fragrances to promote, has reignited a rivalry as old as time.

Fun! We love drama from the mid-00s!

Now, this happens to include the greatest paparazzi video ever caught on camera, so strap in, because if you haven't seen it before, you're about to be blessed.

Yesterday, a Paris Hilton fan-stagram posted an old paparazzi clip of Lindsay Lohan alleging that Paris Hilton hit her at a party the night before. In it, she says:

This is a video that Paris Hilton -- and I'm saying this on tape -- she hit me last night, for no reason, apparently, at my friend's house. I didn't know she'd be there and she hit me; she hit me with a drink, poured it all over me and it hurts and it's not okay.

Unfortunately, this clip cuts off the absolute best quote of literally all paparazzi videos, which is when LiLo says:

"I'm sorry for everyone who thinks I'm crazy -- I'm not -- I'm just trying to act."


The Insta vid, instead, cuts to the very next night, which happened to be the legendary night when the paps snapped Paris, Lindsay, and Britney Spears all leaving the club together. Name a more iconic trio, we'll wait!

In the vid, the paps ask Paris about LiLo's allegations, and Paris tells them to ask Lindsay.

"Paris never hit me," Lindsay mumbles. "Paris is my friend, everybody lies about everything, she's a nice person, please, we're friends."

When they press her, she adds that Paris never hit her, and calls her "a good girl".

The Insta vid then cuts to another video from a few weeks later, when Lindsay tells the paps that "Paris is a c**t," before taking it back literally 30 seconds later, saying "I never said that. Paris is my friend. I love her, she's my friend."

It is... truly wild.

ANYWAY, that pretty much catches us up to date, when today, in 2018 Paris commented on that very Insta-vid, saying "#pathologicalliar".

Now, let's not forget that Paris has recently been cashing in on her '00s relevancy and the public's love of nostalgia, so it serves in her interest to be trolling fansites trying to dig up feuds as old as time.

She also tried this exact move back in December last year, when she told MTV Australia that LiLo crashed her night out with Britney, saying: “Actually, it was just Brit and I [going] out, and then [Lindsay] chased us to the car and got in. She wasn’t invited.”

But we love a stunt queen, so we're not opposed to the hustle of it all. And we're not saying that Lindsay isn't a pathological liar, tbh, because we watched her 2014 "docu-series"!

Rather, what we're here to discuss today is the rich irony of Paris Hilton -- a noted liar -- thinking that she has any ground to stand on to drag Lindsay Lohan for being a liar.

As la bella vita -- Twitter's resident Lindsay Lohan stan -- was quick to remind us, this is the very same Paris Hilton who told Waleed Aly on The Project that she voted for Trump, before backpedaling in August of 2017, telling Marie Claire that actually, she didn't vote at all.

Want more receipts? This old-ass Gawker article will tell you all about how when she got out of jail, she said she was "leaving her club life behind" (nope), was planning a charity trip to Rwanda (nope), and, interestingly, told Larry King one time that she'd never done drugs.

On that note... we'll just leave you with these:

Speaks for itself.

Paris at 00:28: "Today, we're gonna get so coked up, you have no idea!"

Paris: "I get f**ked in the butt for coke!!!"


Feature image: Getty Images