Taylor Swift's Ssssssneaky #NationalSnakeDay Celebration

She's doing better than she ever was.

Hello! Join me, won't you, on a journey all the way back to 2016.

Globally, it was a simpler time, for like, a whole bunch of reasons.

But in the entertainment world, things were messy as ever.

Yes, that's right. Today is the  two year anniversary of when Kim Kardashian #exposed Taylor Swift on Snapchat.

Time flies when you're lowkey worried about nuclear war!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!

To refresh your memory, the ~exposé~ involved Kim playing video of her hubby Kanye West calling Taylor to discuss the "I made that bitch famous" line from his song "Famous", which Taylor then went on to drag the everloving shit out of in this Grammys acceptance speech:

The Snapchat videos had wigs snatched everywhere, and thus, Taylor's #reputation as a snake was born:

Since then, Taylor has gone on to release her album Reputation, which features a TON of snake imagery and references this whole thing so often we really can't get into it here because we'll be here all day.

Anyway, today is #NationalSnakeDay and the two year anniversary of everything going down, and Miss Swift has offered a subtle nod to the day while on a casual, not at all staged, stroll through New York City.

Do you see that?

Do you see that?

Do you see that?

Look at her bag! A SNAKE PRINT. UGH, her MIND!!!

Swifties were quick to note the bag, and needless to say, they're shook all over again.

They also pointed out that the print she was wearing was also used in the music video for her Kimye diss track "Look What You Made Me Do":

She also liked this snake post on Tumblr:

Happy National Snake Day, everyone!

Images: Getty Images