A Deep Dive Into Insta Queen Britney Spears' Use Of Emojis

It's World Emoji Day today, and Miss Brit's use of emojis have us exclaiming "Ugh, her MIND!"

By now, it should be of no surprise to you that Britney Spears is the undisputed queen of Instagram.

Unlike other celebs who give us a perfectly curated, aesthetic-driven glimpse into their ~brand~, Miss Brit uses her Instagram to show us exactly who she is.

A mother, a lover of art involving Victorian-era children, and Minions memes, who also happens to be one of the biggest superstars of all time (that's a fact do NOT even @ me because you will live to regret it, I PROMISE you that!!!!).

Today, though, it's World Emoji Day, and because we didn't want to sit down and watch The Emoji Movie (does anyone?), we're here to take a deeper dive into Britney's Insta-presence, specifically to examine her very complex, very cryptic use of emojis.

Recently, Brit went through a phase where she captioned so many photos with the red and green apple emojis that rumours she was about to drop a new single called "Apple Pie" began circulating. Was a new era incoming? Was it a hint, a tease of what was to come in the way that Taylor Swift reclaimed the snake emoji and imagery, or Ariana Grande has been using cloud emojis to define her Sweetener era?

To the best of our knowledge, NOPE! It seems that Britney just... likes the apple emoji a lot. Exhibits one through five below:

What does this tell us? Does it say that Brit's emoji use is always untethered to the accompanying image? Not necessarily!

Sometimes, Brit takes the straightforward approach, like when she captioned this photo of her flower stilettos with, yep, you guessed it, some flowers.

Or here, where she captioned this #TBT clip of her on Saturday Night Live in 2002 as Barbie with two pink purses, to reflect her pink dress and Barbie's long-documented love of shopping, as well as two silly-fun, tongue stuck out emojis, to communicate "haha, comedy!" Effective!

Sometimes she's more about capturing the ~mood~, like when she used three dove emojis to caption this pic:

The dove, according to this very reliable Google search I just conducted as a JOURNALIST, is a symbol of love or peace, and can also be used as a messenger. 

Looking at the image again, it seems that Britney is using the dove emoji here to convey a sense of peace and to reflect the serenity of moment captured. Alternate theories could be her telling us, her fans, that she loves us as much as we love her, or that she sees her life as a public figure as a way to be a messenger to the people through her music.

Sometimes, she uses emojis to emphasise her written captions. For example, in the pic below she uses a winky face, a see-no-evil monkey and a speak-no-evil monkey. This says: "Hahaha, I know my boys are cheating on their pull ups, but I love them, so I'm going to pretend not to notice that!"

And honestly, sometimes she just goes so HAM that no one can possibly begin to know what she's thinking while selecting the perfect emojis for her caption:

To sum up:

  1. Britney loves apple emojis
  2. Sometimes Britney uses emojis to convey her mood, her thoughts, her very state of being.
  3. Sometimes her state of being, reflected by a long string of emojis and no text, cannot possibly be deciphered by mere commoners like us, because we are simply humans looking upon the complex thoughts and feelings of a living, breathing legend!
  4. Britney Spears invented emojis and all your faves.
  5. Britney Spears' Instagram is still the most wholesome place on the entire garbage internet.

Happy World Emoji Day! That's all, bye!

Feature image: Getty Images