Is Ben Affleck A Lowkey Psychic? An Investigation

A resurfaced interview from 2003 shows Ben Affleck predicting the rise of streaming services like Spotify and Netflix.

Hello, friends.

We're here today to discuss this old interview with Ben Affleck, in which he accurately predicted the rise of streaming platforms like Spotify and Netflix.

Dug up by Twitter user John Backus, the interview is from 2003 and shows Affleck basically... being a psychic??? Let's check it out.

First up, he started by saying that he believed "the industry [had] been too slow to embrace and adopt" new technologies. Sounds true!

Next, he was like: "In terms of consumer-based technologies, you have -- basically -- shareware, that introduces the consumer to it at no cost, at which point, the consumer is on the hook, they've figured it out...  and then you charge a fee, and the consumer is willing to pay that fee."

This is... exactly how we've all ended up subscribed to Netflix, Stan, Spotify, Foxtel Now, Audible and Hayu after being like "oh I'll cancel it after the free trial period!" Spooky!

Then, Affleck said: "I think that an annual, subscription based system is one that works."

Pointing out that people spent "about $200 a year" on music, he said: "The same people would spend those $200 a year, each year, to have access to basically the entire library of existing music, and of course, you continue to renew your subscription because you pay for new music."

YEP! Ben, Benjamin... Mr Affleck... how did YOU KNOW THIS??!

"I think there's inefficiencies in the market now and I think they're being worked out," he continued, noting that piracy remained a problem.

In regards to the movie industry, Affleck was also pretty dead on, tbh.

"It'll be movies on demand, but it'll be a tiered structure," he said.

"It would be like, if you wanna watch it first weekend, maybe it won't be available ... but then, if you wanna watch it, you'll pay more, and as it goes to another stage in its release, it'll become less expensive."

Again, a big YEP, and we are shook.

Still, Affleck acknowledged that these trends were still a way off at the time, noting that there was still "a lot more adoption that [had] to happen, technologically speaking, before people [could] watch movies" on their computers.

"The technology's not quite there yet, but it will be, I would say within five years."

Anyway, Ben Affleck is a low-key psychic, so I guess our only question is like, if Ben Affleck is a psychic -- and it's very clear that he is -- then what was he really thinking about during this interview??

Whatever it was, we'll probably be sad about it in 15 or so years! Bye!

Feature image: Getty Images