Shannon Noll Apologises For Audience Abuse: "I'll F**K Your Missus And Your Mum"

Nollsy was on a roll.

Australian Icon and Idol runner-up Shannon Noll has been caught on camera absolutely laying into a concert-goer at the Duck Creek Races in Nyngan NSW.

According to a fellow audience member, Noll began to target the man with the expletive-laden assault after he reportedly threw a bottle or can at the "What About Me" crooner.

"Oi pretty boy, you're a fucking maggot," the 42-year-old decreed from the stage.

"Have some fucking balls and come up here instead of throwing something from there... Fuckin' private school, stupid fuckhead motherfucker," Noll continued to cheers from the crowd.

He then threatened to punch the man adding, "I'll punch your fucking teeth down your throat out the back, dog arse prick. Then I'll fuck ya missus and your mum".

After laying down as many f-bombs as possible in a single sentence, Noll seemed to want to move on and continue the show saying, "Everybody else, apart from that fuckstick, sing along to a great song alright? Here we go..."

But as the band struck up, Noll immediately added, "I'll give someone $100 bucks to punch that fuck for me..."

Then, in a final moment of zen, he implored, "Come on, enough with the haters".

Noll's fanbase tends to love this kind of larrikin-esque behaviour, however many are calling the singer out for toxic masculinity.

The singer has since apologised, writing on his Facebook page saying the man he targeted had thrown a "full can, just missing my head".

"I completely understand that this is still no excuse for the way I spoke and I am deeply sorry for the terrible things I said that were purely out of frustration."

After his tirade, Noll launched into a cover of Daryl Braithwaites' song "The Horses".

Featured image: Getty.