Jessica Alba Reveals She's Been Sexually Harassed Throughout Her Career

"I mean, I’ve been doing this since I was 12... Imagine what that's like."

Jessica Alba has opened up in a candid conversation about her career, revealing she has faced sexual harassment "all the time along the way" throughout her career.

Speaking to CNN's Talk Asia, Alba spoke about the culture of harassment, and how she came to "accept" that it was part of being an actress.

"I guess you shouldn't have accepted it, but as a young actress growing up in the business, you just accepted that that's the way you were going to be treated."

Alba began her career when she was just 12-years-old with the family feature Camp Nowhere, then worked across several TV series like The Secret World of Alex Mack and Flipper, and had bit parts in films like Never Been Kissed and Idle Hands before landing her break-out role in James Cameron's Dark Angel.

The 37-year-old said in the interview that her career could have been even bigger had she been more compliant with the industry's culture of harassment.

"You could either go this way or that way with it, and do I think I could’ve gotten some opportunities if I would’ve done this versus that? Sure, but for me, that’s just not something I was comfortable with…"

"I mean, I’ve been doing this since I was 12... Imagine what that's like."

Describing facing "a lot of different situations," Alba said she had to learn quickly how to navigate moments to get herself out of them before they escalated.

Despite having to grow up in a climate where she faced ongoing issues of harassment, Alba welcomes movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp saying it's "about time".

"I think things have been imbalanced for way too long. I of course have always thought differently about it because I've been in a position where I've had to pave my own way, create my own path."

As one of the major figures in the middle of the #MeToo movements faces trial for rape, Alba called disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein -- and those like him -- deplorable.

"It's the worst thing ever to think that men in those positions were abusing their power on such a regular basis and the audacity that they had."

Despite having worked with Weinstein in the past, Alba said she never had an inkling of his history of sexual harassment, abuse and misconduct saying she was never in a situation where the two were alone together.

"My energy is pretty intense and aggressive and I would talk about business, I wanted numbers and opening weekend figures and... you know, I always had a lot of people around me."

Her lengthy career, and the experiences she's faced in the industry, have informed how she plans to raise her three children.

With two daughters and a son Alba described the heartbreaking fact that she'll have to talk to her daughters about recognising "that feeling in your stomach" during potentially escalating situations.

"It's probably going to be different talking to my son about that stuff..."

Watch the full interview here.

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