Guy Pearce On Kevin Spacey: "He's A Handsy Guy"

Meanwhile, UK authorities are investigating Spacey for three more claims of sexual assault.

Aussie screen legend Guy Pearce spoke to Andrew Denton overnight where he hinted at an unpleasant run-in with disgraced actor Kevin Spacey in the '90s.

On Denton's series Interview, Pearce was asked about working with Spacey on L.A. Confidential to which the 50-year-old responded, "Yeah... tough one to talk about at the moment".

"Amazing actor, incredible actor," Pearce said before adding, "Slightly difficult time with Kevin".

After calling Spacey a "handsy guy" Pearce followed it up by saying, "Thankfully I was 29 and not 14," referencing the allegations that Spacey had made sexual advances toward actor Anthony Rapp when he was 14-years-old.

Overnight London's Metropolitan Police revealed they were investigating a further three claims that Spacey had sexually assaulted men. The three new cases bring the total number of claims against the 58-year-old to six.

Following Rapp's allegations being published on BuzzFeed in October last year Spacey was faced with more allegations of assault or misconduct surfacing. As a response, he was quickly removed from Ridley Scott's All The Money In The World, as well as being fired from the upcoming season of Netflix's House of Cards.

Despite the claims against him, Spacey's new film The Billionaire Boys Club is still scheduled for release in the United States in July.

Featured image: Getty.