Kim K Reveals Daughter Chicago West's Middle Name

Keeping up with the Kardashi-kids.

If you want to know what Chicago West's middle name is but not enough to follow Kim on social media and see for yourself, wow is this the post for you!!!

Captioning the snap of herself with 5-month-old Chicago, we learned that it's Noel! That's Kimmi's middle name too!

Wow, we're detectives.

Now, if you've been -- ha ha ha -- ~keeping up~ with news about baby Chicago, who was born in January via surrogate, you may be confused, since her birth certificate was leaked by TMZ recently and had no middle name listed on it.

Whether Kim's since had her name changed to add Noel or whether she's just decided to call her that without the bother of paperwork is still a mystery to us, but hey, maybe it will be addressed in the next season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Who knows?! Not us!

Still, the tot's name being Chicago Noel means that Kimye's daughter has a reference to both of her parents, given that Kanye hails from Chicago and considers the city "the place that made him", as Kim explained during an appearance on Ellen earlier this year.