Seth Rogen Claims Twitter CEO "Does Not Seem To Give A F**k" About Verifying White Supremacists

"I've reached a conclusion: the dude simply does not seem to give a f**k."

Seth Rogen hasn't held back on Twitter -- ABOUT Twitter -- alleging the social media site's CEO Jack Dorsey isn't concerned with the platform's issue of verifying white supremacists.

"I've been DMing with @jack about his bizarre need to verify white supremacists on his platform," Rogen tweeted on Wednesday, "I've reached a conclusion: the dude simply does not seem to give a fuck".

The issue has plagued Twitter for months -- most notably after the Charlottesville rally where many tech companies distanced themselves from the white supremacists. Twitter did no such distancing. In fact, in the wake of the death of Heather Heyer, who died protesting the white nationalist rally, Twitter verified the rally's organiser, Jason Kessler.

Prior to his verification Kessler referred to Heyer's death as "payback time" before deleting his account. When Kessler returned to the platform, he was verified by Twitter.

If you're unfamiliar with the platform, verification comes in the form of a white tick in a blue cloud, issued by Twitter in an attempt to legitimise a person's identity. It started as a way for users to know which celebrity accounts were legit, and expanded to be issued often to journalists and other public figures.

Twitter has always maintained a position that verification is not a mark of status, endorsement or validation, but merely a way for users to know that the verified account is just that -- verified.

Following a swift backlash after verifying Kessler, Twitter put a freeze on all new verification in an attempt to reconsider how the company went about handing out their blue ticks.

The platform began to also remove verification from several high-profile white supremacist accounts including Richard Spencer, Laura Loomer and Kessler.

While the platform made baby steps to curtail the wildfires of racist accounts, it still had a great deal of work to do. While Dorsey has yet to respond directly to Rogen's claims, his pinned tweet is a constant reminder that the platform's problem of hate speech and harassment is a constant battle.

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