Logies 2018: Matty J's Mum Is Forcing Strangers To Vote For Him

Iconic mum goals!!!

The 60th annual TV Week Logie Awards are kicking off, and as some of our faves walk the red carpet Angela Bishop caught up with Matty J and Laura Byrne to see how they're going.

Matty's nominated for Best New Talent for his work with The Living Room, and in the lead-up to the ceremony he ran a pretty good campaign to get the public to vote for him. Matty also stopped by ten daily to be put through his paces for a quick training sesh but despite all that prep he was still feeling slightly anxious about the whole night.

"I wasn't that nervous before," Matty told Ange adding, "as soon as you get out of the car and hit the red carpet... all of a sudden I've got butterflies".

The 30-year-old has nothing to worry about, though, considering one of his biggest fans has been hitting the campaign trail on his behalf.

"Campaigning for me has drawn to an end, HOWEVER, my mum is here on the Gold Coast right now and she is keeping it going.

"She checked into the Meriton next door and she even made the guy at reception vote for me before she checked into her room."

Supporting him every step of the waym Matty's girlfriend Laura Byrne said she was "super stoked" to be walking down the red carpet with her Bachelor boyf.

"I'm so proud of him," Laura said, "This is such an amazing thing to be able to be a part of".

Cutest. Couple. Ever.

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