Good Luck To New Instagrammer Julia Roberts

Eat, pray, post. May the odds be ever in your favour, Jules.

Etheral actress Julia Roberts has joined the rest of us peasants on Instagram, glowing with serenity in her first photo, which is captioned simply: "Hello".

Wearing a blazer emblazoned with the word "Love", the Oscar-winner smiles in a way only someone who's never encountered Instagram trolls before can, proving once and for all that ignorance really IS bliss.

It's the well-rested smile that comes from a night spent sleeping, rather than 78 weeks deep in your crush's feed, trying desperately not to accidentally like their selfie.

It's the glow of someone who's never accidentally double-tapped a photo of their ex's new boo at 3am while screaming about how much better you are than them.

It's the aura of someone who's never accidentally posted something weird, or shitty, or problematic -- as celebrities seem to be so prone to doing -- and been dragged to hell for it.

Unfortunately for Jules, her bubble is set to burst any second now. After amassing nearly 500k followers in under 48 hours, she's bound to have the trolls roll in, especially since her second post contains a VERY controversial statement...

Clearly, Julia is unaware that there's been an uprising of avocad-NO counter-culture over the past few years. Receipts:

Anyway, welcome to Insta, Jules, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Feature image: Getty Images