A Definitive Ranking Of Aussie Celebs With BDE

And the award for Biggest Dick Energy goes to...

"Big Dick Energy". It's a term you may have heard floating around social media of late, but if you haven't yet -- and trust us, you will -- we highly suggest you get the ~low down~ in our beginners guide over here. 

Basically, it's a certain je ne sais quoi -- a flirty, saucy aura that exudes from someone. Confidence without cockiness, a ~vibe~ that you just can't put your finger on. And that isn't just limited to the male population, in fact, you don't even need a dick to have BDE!

To honour our new favourite term, we've pondered, polled, and puzzled over which of the Aussie celebs we know and love have the biggest, baddest BDE. After days of debate, it's finally settled, and we're proud to present to you our very official, very important, very DEFINITIVE ranking of Aussies with BDE.

You're welcome. 

31. Kylie Minogue

She may be Australia's sweetheart, but the BDE isn't strong in our fave pint-sized pop star, sorry!!! We don't make the rules!!!!!

30. The Logan Twins

Two for the price of one! Double trouble! Double BDE!

29. Sara-Marie

Honestly you need BDE to create the still-iconic bum dance.

28. Lee Harding

"What's in a name?" mused SHAKESPEARE. HARD-ing, get it? Haha it's a dick joke. Anyway, have fun trying to get "Wasabi" out of your head!!!

27. Lisa Origliasso

Co-created Australia's National Anthem "Untouched!" Invented goth! Our wigs are shaking from the BDE!

26. Grant Denyer

#Denyer4Gold in the bedroom, too, huns!!!!

25. Osher Günsberg

The way he whips that date card out just screams BDE.

24. Ernie Dingo

Um, an OG Aussie BDE icon, don't @ us thanks!!

23. Toadie

Only Toadie with a mullet tho. It held the power of his BDE.

22. Hugh Jackman

He's Wolverine. Do we even need to explain?

21. John Farnham

Every time you cry, save up all your tears, Farnsey'll be your rainbow with that BDE...

20. Gina Liano

Remaining unbothered? BDE!!!

19. Delta Goodrem

Delta's a Scorpio. Case closed!!!!!

18. Daniel Johns

When he sings "I'm a freak", we choose to interpret this to mean "in the bedroom".

17. Adam Goodes

You know hes got the Goodes...

16. Corey Worthington

You don't get 500 randos turning up to your PARENTS HOUSE without mad BDE, yo.

15. Millsy

Snagged Paris Hilton at the very height of her fame. BDE!!!!!

14. Chris Hemsworth

First if all: he's Thor. Second of all: he looks like a Greek god. Three: Just look at him and tell us otherwise.

13. Nollsie

He may have been runner-up in both Australian Idol AND I'm A Celeb, but this national treasure will always be a winner in our hearts. Let him BACK into the Crazy Horse!!!

12. Ruby Rose

That wink is the very essence of BDE, tbh.

11. Jimmy Barnes

The way he screams makes our BDE radar go zero to 100 real quick.

10. Heath Ledger (RIP)

The definition of gone too soon BDE. Sad!

9. Briggs

BDE coming out of his ears!

8. Guy Pearce

Issa BDE SMOULDER, ya know?

7. Jessica Origliasso

I don't make the rules about which of the Veronicas has bigger dick energy but look, it's 100000% Jess. Facts are facts!

6. Bea Smith

If you've ever seen of a second of the BRILLIANT show Wentworth, you'd agree 1000x over that Queen Bea has mad BDE.

5. Dr. Chris Brown

You said it, doc.

4. John Jarrett

We're like... not heaps proud of this one, hey. But here we are, sorry not sorry!!!!

3. Shane Warne

Look, I'm not saying he could get it... but like... he could get it.

2. Lee Lin Chin

Look at her staring into your very SOUL with all that BDE. Shook!

1. Cate Blanchett