Younger's Debi Mazar Slams Netflix's 13 Reasons Why

Some of Mazar's famous followers like Madonna and Rosanna Arquette also weighed in.

It's one of Netflix's most talked-about series, but almost never in a positive light, and now some huge Hollywood names have slammed 13 Reasons Why.

The second season of the teen-aimed series was released in May, and followed-up the story of Hannah Baker, a high school student who died by suicide in the first season. Hannah left her classmates a series of cassette tapes revealing why she chose to kill herself.

Both seasons featured strong themes of suicide, self-harm, sexual assault, bullying and even themes of gun violence. The way these themes have been handled in the show have drawn criticism, especially in light of the show being targeted at younger audiences.

In a post to Instagram, Younger star Debi Mazar captioned an image of a 13 Reasons billboard saying, "I could give you more than 13 reasons why I wish this show never existed".

"As an American, I believe in freedom of speech, freedom to create art and tell stories. However this show romanticises suicide."

Part of Netflix's response to the negative backlash to 13 Reasons has been that the series "starts conversations", that parents should be encouraged to watch the series with their kids and allow it to assist them in confronting difficult conversation topics.

In the lead-up to the show's second series, Netflix released an update with resources reportedly to assist parents who may be concerned about their children watching the series. A website was also set-up with discussion guides, links to suicide prevention and local youth support services.

Still, Mazar wasn't impressed writing, "My 12 yr old kid managed to watch it without me knowing. We had a talk about it, but w/ teen depression & raging homrones, it's just feeding their brains w/ BAD ideas".

The post, which at the time of writing had over 13,000 likes, drew praise from some of Mazar's followers like Madonna, Rosanna Arquette and photographer Amanda Demme.

Netflix 13 Reasons Why Debi Mazar Madonna
Some of Mazar's famous followers weighed in agreeing with her, meanwhile one of the stars of the series defended Netflix's controversial show. Image: Instagram @debimazar.

Meanwhile one of the series' stars, Brandon Flynn, responded to the post saying, "Our show desired to attack these issues that we see everyday on the news and put them on a platform that parents and kids could hopefully see and talk about what's happening in your kids life".

"I know the show isn't easy to watch, but neither is the news, and usually being in school isn't easy either. I hope you reconsider what this show is actually able to do for kids and parents."

Featured image: Getty / Instagram @debimazar.