Samuel L. Jackson Responds To Twitter Backlash

"They just keep tryin'."

Some celebrities issue lengthy apologies when they misstep online, some take social media hiatuses and, in the case of Samuel L. Jackson, some couldn't care less.

To celebrate Trump's birthday on the 14th, Jackson tweeted an image with the caption, "Must have been a party at The White House, Mitch, Paul, Rudy & others were spotted wearing knee pads & carrying these lined up outside".

Many felt the joke was homophobic, implying that Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Rudy Giuliani fellated the president as part of his birthday celebrations.

The tweet is innocuous enough HOWEVER queer people have enough to deal with, we don't need to be the world's laziest punchline. Responses to the tweet were obviously mixed, with it raking in over 10,000 likes on the site.

Responses to the tweet were mixed, with many standing up for Trump, many laughing the joke off and then a third category of LGBTQ people who thought the joke was homophobic.

Roll your eyes you might but Jackson's tweet doesn't stand alone. In fact many, many comedians have begun making jokes where the punchline is simply Trump and his cohorts are gay. That's it. That's the whole punchline.

It's also an odd joke to make considering the ongoing attacks the LGBTQ community has suffered at the hands of the Trump administration.

Comedians Chelsea Handler and Jimmy Kimmel have both faced similar backlash for jokes where they mocked heterosexual politicians by calling them gay. Groundbreaking stuff.

Not only is it offensive to LGBTQ people to put down the idea that being queer is a punchline, that gay sex is demeaning or shameful, but at the end of the day we don't want ownership of Trump or his kin, he's a heterosexual problem!

Anyway, aside from the incredibly lazy, pretty crappy jokes, Jackson didn't give a single flying care about people's outrage from either Trump supporters or LGBTQ folk.

Posting an image of a report from Twitter to his Instagram Jackson wrote in a caption, "They just keep tryin'".

This isn't the first time Jackson has laughed in the face of controversy, just a few weeks ago he posted a similar report from Twitter based on a tweet where he called Trump a "Muthafukker".

Jackson can be seen reprising his role of Frozone in The Incredibles 2 in cinemas now.

Featured image: Getty.