Trump Has Fired Back At De Niro After 'F*ck Trump' Comment

It was only a matter of time.

During Sunday's Tony Awards Robert De Niro had a very brief message for the President of the United States.

"I'm going to say one thing," the 74-year-old actor said, "F*ck Trump!" The outburst landed him a standing ovation before adding, "It's no longer 'Down with Trump' it's 'F*ck Trump'!"


Following his little sweary performance, De Niro was in Toronto on Monday where he apologised... on Trump's behalf to Canada.

"I just want to make a note of apology for the idiotic behaviour of my president, It's a disgrace. And I apologise to [Canadian Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau and the other people at the G7. It's disgusting."

De Niro's apology was in response to Trump's tweets following the G7 summit where he called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "meek", "dishonest" and "weak". Diplomacy, yay!

Well, it wouldn't be a day of the week ending in -y if Trump didn't hop onto Twitter to vent his true feelings.

Insulting his IQ and calling him "punch drunk", Trump took some time out from meeting with North Korea to take some jabs at the Meet the Fockers star.

De Niro played a boxer in the 1980 film Raging Bull which, we assume, is the last film Trump saw before deciding to only watch Looney Toons between his Shark Week marathons.

And to think, it's only Wednesday.

Featured image: Getty images / Twitter @realDonaldTrump.