Turns Out Those Aren't Beyoncé’s Twins After All


UPDATE: turns out we were all fooled and Yoncé was just holding a pair of random children.

The excitement was ruined by a spokesperson, who told Buzzfeed "It's not."

In an earlier version of this story we, in our excitement to see Rumi and Sir Carter, jumped to the same conclusions internet sleuths did and assumed the bubs were hers!

Anyway, we have no idea who the two babies are that are part of the opening act of Bey and Jay's "On The Run II" tour which kicked off in Wales.

A film kicked things off that featured a screen with the words "Love never changes" and "love is universal" and on either side a photo with a parent holding both of the bubs.

The twins celebrate their first birthday on June 13, and we're still waiting for Bey to release photos of them since her iconic reveal photo set a month after they were born.

Fans on Twitter were obviously amped at the reveal as shots of the moment circulated on social media.

While no Aussie dates have been confirmed the "OTR II" world tour officially kicked off last night.

Here's hoping there are even more surprises in store.

Featured image: Twitter @RapUp.