Niall Horan's Squeaky Clean Pre-Show Rituals

"I'm probably the cleanest man in Australia right now."

It appears before and after his gigs Niall Horan travels in one direction: straight to the shower.

"I tend to do some odd stuff," the 24-year-old told Ange Bishop in an interview for Studio 10, "I'll go for a shower before every show -- which is quite weird I think -- and I'll have a shower after".

"I'm probably the cleanest man in Australia right now."

Horan also revealed he didn't have a lot of superstitions, no "lucky undies" as Ange put it.

Niall has seen great success since his old boy band went their separate Directions, with his singles "This Town" and "Slow Hands" being streamed over 100 million times. In fact all of the boys have managed to make their solo careers work for them in their own very distinct ways.

Even Harry standing in a fish and chip shop holding a chicken is just... so perfectly Harry. These boys have staying power.

He also revealed a bit more about his meet and greets which includes running their sound check, doing a few intimate performances, as well as answering questions from his fans.

There were also a few VERY excited Aussies from his Sydney tour who managed to get some time with the former One Directioner at his recent Sydney gig.

Ange cheekily tried to see who dished out the best questions during Q&As --  fans or the reporters, unfortunately for her, he said the fans -- especially in his Aussie stint of the Flicker tour -- have had some absolute crackers.

"I did my best," she joked.

Niall's Flicker tour continues as he heads to Melbourne for his final show on the Australia and New Zealand leg of the world tour.

Check out the full interview above to hear more from the new breed of rock star.

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