Gang Of Youths Frontman Posts About Overcoming Dark Times

"My friends saved my life, and they continue to do so every day."

Gang of Youths frontman David Le'aupepe has posted a raw message on Instagram about dealing with mental health, and overcoming attempting suicide four years ago.

"There was this moment, where the belief that there would never be anything more than the shit and piss in everything overwhelmed me for a moment," Le'aupepe captioned the image, "and I made a decision to make it all stop for good".

Following the breakdown of his first marriage Le'aupepe described feeling numb. Talking to Marc Fennell in 2016 he explained, "The want was gone".

"The desire for anything, the lust for change, you don't want sex, you don't want love ... you don't want anything."

Four years ago Le'aupepe attempted suicide but was stopped by his friends and loved ones.

"I got a call from my A&R guy who I attribute to really saving my life, he said 'mate i'm on my way to your parents' house. do not kill yourself. once I get there ... then you can'."

"I waited and the cops came and I sat in front of a magnolia tree that my dad had planted.

There was a solitary, single moment where I was like ... you know what? Cheer up, motherfucker".

Le'aupepe has described Gang of Youths as being "about setting fire to effigies of my former self", and through the band's music he's explored the themes of mental health, addiction and a spirit of overcoming.

That same spirit comes through in his message where he urged his followers and fans to carry on.

"Thank you all for helping save me, little by little, day by day. Look after each other, say sorry to each other, forgive each other, talk to each other. Let the world know you will not yield, and that your spirit will not kneel today."

It's just another remarkable moment of brutal honesty from Le'aupepe, a man who proudly hopes to break down toxic masculinity and to be open and honest with his feelings.

"There is a stigmatisation of man sharing anything, let alone feelings, and I want to be part of that house of cards falling," he said last year.

Comments on the post are full of love, with many sharing their own struggles and despite Le'aupepe also using the post to say he'd be stepping away from social media, his openness on the platform has given others the ability to also speak out.

"I love you. I’ll keep trying my best to do right by you all, and I will try to do better when I fuck up."

"I am glad I am still here."

If you need help in a crisis, call Lifeline on 13 11 14. For further information about depression contact beyondblue on 1300 22 4636 or talk to your GP, local health professional or someone you trust.

Featured image: Getty images.