Smallville Star Says Sex Slave Branding Was Her Idea

"During the ceremonies in which her slaves were branded, the defendant placed her hands on the slaves’ chests and told them to 'feel the pain'."

The bizarre story of the alleged sex cult run by Kieth Raniere continues to unravel with the New York Times releasing an interview with Smallville star Allison Mack that reveals sordid details about the group, which called itself Nxivm.

The interview, which took place before both Raniere and Mack were arrested on trafficking charges, goes deep into how the pair lured women into a pyramid-scheme type system where “masters” recruited “slaves” who would then recruit others.

The 34-year-old actress also boasted about coming up with the idea to brand "slaves" with a surgical knife.

“I was like, y’all, a tattoo? People get drunk and tattooed on their ankle BFF or a tramp stamp. I have two tattoos and they mean nothing,” she told reporter Vanessa Grigoriadis.

Court documents also reveal startling incidents of manipulation and denigration, including having "slaves" fast for 12 hours a day, take cold showers and perform a "daily act to honour" their master.

Slaves were kept seriously sleep-deprived and emaciated to the point where they stopped menstruating … During the ceremonies in which her slaves were branded, the defendant placed her hands on the slaves’ chests and told them to 'feel the pain' and to 'think of [their] master'."

Mack was released from federal custody on US$5 million bond on Tuesday and will remain on home detention with electronic monitoring at her parents’ house in California. She faces 15 years to life imprisonment on charges of sex trafficking, conspiracy and conspiracy to commit forced labour.

It is understood she is currently in negotiations with prosecutors to arrange a plea deal for her co-operation in the case against Ranier.

Nxivm’s website currently remains online with the following message:

It is with deep sadness that we inform you we are suspending all NXIVM/ESP enrollment, curriculum and events until further notice.'

We will be in touch with more information for anyone currently enrolled in upcoming events/programs.

While we are disappointed by the interruption of our operations, we believe it is warranted by the extraordinary circumstances facing the company at this time.  We continue to believe in the value and importance of our work and look forward to resuming our efforts when these allegations are resolved.

A judge set their trial for October 1.

Featured image: Getty Images.