Roseanne Barr Tried To Blame Ambien For Racist Tweet, Internet Reacts Accordingly

"Racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication."

If you've missed all the drama with Roseanne Barr let's catch you up really quick.

On Tuesday the star of Roseanne took some time out from tweeting conspiracy theories about Chelsea Clinton to spurt out some racist nonsense comparing a former Obama adviser to an "ape".

Roseanne Barr racist tweet Ambien

Just a few hours later the US network ABC announced they had cancelled her show. Network Ten also revealed they'd be pulling episodes from their channels and even old episodes were being taken off the air.

Despite tweeting her plans to "leave Twitter" it was only a matter of hours before Barr was back retweeting more racially-loaded nonsense and support for her by those who thought she "did nothing wrong".

Hell, even the President of the Untied States weighed in on the matter because of course he did.

In a similar fashion to the offending tweet, Barr decided the best course of action would be to double-down via retweets as well as blaming the pharmaceutical drug Ambien for her actions.

"Guys I did something unforgivable so do not defend me," the now-deleted tweet read, "It was 2 in the morning and I was ambien tweeting-it was memorial day too-i went 2 far & do not want to defend-it was egregious Indefensible. I made a mistake I wish I hadn't but...don't defend it please. ty"

Image: Twitter/@therealroseanne

The official account for Sanofi, the makers of Ambien, actually responded to Barr's claims that it was Ambien that inspired her to tweet saying, "While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication".

Sanofi weren't the only ones who decided to post tweets essentially mocking Barr's wafer-thin excuse with many sharing their own Ambien stories.

As it stands, Barr is still tweeting and furiously re-tweeting supporters, so it looks like this dumpster fire of a scandal won't be going out any time soon. If only we could take an Ambien and sleep through the whole ordeal.

Featured image: Getty images / Twitter @DCD2records.