An Interviewer Joked That Taylor Swift Needs A Shower And Fans Are Furious

Look what you made them do.

One reporter has learned the hard way that when you diss Taylor Swift – even if it’s as a bit of banter – you risk incurring the savage wrath of her die-hard fan base, also known as Swifties.

It all started after the pop princess put on a banger of a show at Biggest Weekend festival in Swansea on May 27, where during her high-powered performance featuring singing, dancing, and generally slaying she happened to break out into a bit of a sweat.

This prompted an awkward comment in a post-show interview with BBC interviewer Greg James, where he remarked, "It’s nice to see you. I think you need to have a shower now."

Swift simply laughed off the odd commentary, saying, “I agree, I’m not offended, there’s a lot going on and almost none of it is good.”

Her fans, however, were far less forgiving to James, who like a metaphorical steak thrown into a lion’s den was viciously torn apart by the star’s dedicated fans across Twitter.

James didn’t seem bothered by the torrent of abuse directed towards him, even posting to his Twitter account to poke fun at the gaffe.


Lesson learned: don’t mess with Taylor.