Neville Longbottom Got Married And What's The Spell To Fix A Broken Heart?

I'm wingardium levio-sahhh single.

Move over Harry and Meghan, there's another royal wedding in town and this one is breaking the hearts of anyone who thought they had a chance with Hogwarts' most lovable lug.

Matthew Lewis, the actor who famously portrayed Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter series, married Muggle Angela Jones this week, which he casually mentioned in a truly iconic tweet.

The pair met in January 2016 at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida where Jones worked as an event planner. She and Lewis met at a Wizarding World event and were engaged by the end of the year.

Lewis isn't just famous for playing Longbottom but is also treasured for the term "Longbottoming", a.k.a. when someone grows into their looks. Something Lewis realllyyyyy did.

Longbottoming: the process of growing into your looks, almost overnight. Image: Warner Bros. Pictures / Instagram @mattdavelewis.

Despite what could be considered a pretty brutal insult if you think about it too hard, Lewis took the term in his stride saying he was pretty stoked to have added to the general lexicon.

"I mean, that's like Shakespeare levels of... I never thought in my wildest dreams that one day I would have coined a phrase," Lewis told HelloGiggles earlier this year.

"I wish it was for my linguistics rather than my chest, still something to tell the grandkids, I suppose."

Over on Twitter fans were delighted (and heartbroken) to hear the news of Matt and Angela's wedding.

At least we'll always have Crabbe and Goyle, right?

Featured image: Instagram @mattdavelewis / Warner Bros. Pictures.