Chris Hemsworth Passionately Dancing To Wrecking Ball Is All You Need Today

He came in like a wrecking Thor.

Look, there are some days where you just need to see Chris Hemsworth dancing to Miley Cyrus with a gang of kids and also a dog.

And if today is one of those days then you're in luck because guess what Chris Hemsworth got up to recently? You're damn right he did.

One of the best things about the clip is that Miley absolutely wrote "Wrecking Ball" about her breakup with Chris' brother Liam Hemsworth when the pair split up in 2013.

Also it looked like Miley was a huge fan of the performance, which includes Chris' three kids and his incredibly frisky dog, tweeting out the video herself.

Hemsworth has always been Dad of The Year in our books, always sharing the most gorgeous pics with his three kids, Sasha, India and Tristan.

There was also that time he cracked out his epic baking skills when a bakery apparently didn't have time to bake his daughter a dino-themed birthday cake.

Please bake us a cake Chris. We love you.

"Wrecking Ball" has been the flavour of the week with Miley deciding to prank Jimmy Kimmel by crashing into his bedroom in the middle of the night decked out in construction worker gear and smacking him with a sledgehammer and throwing fake rubble on him.

Nothing like being woken up to Miley Cyrus smacking you in the "wrecking balls" in the middle of the night. That's one alarm clock you won't snooze through.

Featured image: RCA / Twitter @chrishemsworth.