Ariana Grande Sent Fans A Cryptic Message In Her Grammys Performance

Ariana Grande's performance at the 62nd Grammy Awards had fans analysing a particularly symbolic moment.

Grande began highly-anticipated medley with a new arrangement of "Imagine", a song believed to be about her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller.

She then followed it up with the 'Sound of Music' classic "My Favourite Things" before launching into her 2019 smash that sampled the Rodgers and Hammerstein tune, "7 Rings".

But it was her final, a capella rendition of "thank u, next" that brought with it some pretty suggestive imagery, that fans were quick to theorise about.



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Dressed in s '60s-esque fur-trimmed nightgown, Ari lounged around in a pretty pink bedroom before taking an engagement ring off her gloved finger and placing it into a box on the bed.

Arianators began to wonder whether the ring -- which was on her left hand -- was the one that Ariana was given by her ex-fiancee Pete Davidson before their split in 2018.

While no-one can confirm whether the ring was actually the one that Pete bought her during their whirlwind engagement, the very deliberate gesture seemed to be an indication that this era of music ('thank u, next' and the Sweetener tour) is over for Ariana.

It's possible that Ariana has been thinking about how she'd close the very eventful musical (and personal) chapter of her life for a while now -- especially given that she was mean to perform this medley at last year's Grammys.

Ariana made the decision to pull out of the 2019 show after a disagreement over her setlist so this performance has been a long time coming.

Main Image: Getty.