One, Two, Three, Four! Hi-5 Might Be Doing A Reunion Concert

The stars of the hit TV series 'Hi-5' might be getting the band back together.

The group's Nathan Foley posted an iconic photo from the early 2000s featuring himself and fellow performer Tim Harding wearing some very loud suits with spiked hair-dos along with Kellie Crawford, Kathleen De Leon Jones and Charli Robinson.

In all caps, Foley posed an intriguing question that's creating quite a buzz around fans who used to bop along to "L.O.V.E" every day in their living room before pre-school.

"Who wants the original Hi-5 to do a special 18+ reunion concert? If you think we should? Then let us know if you'll be there," he wrote, adding that the post would "be your petition".

It's been a big week for popular kids TV show reunions with the news following The Wiggles' 18+ concerts in Sydney for bushfire relief.

Foley's pitch even attracted the attention of Blue Wiggle Anthony Field who wrote, "Yesssss" almost immediately after the Instagram post appeared.

Hopefully, Foley has gotten in contact with the other four members he's roping into this potential reunion because the Hi-5 fans are already working themselves into quite the lather.



'Wiggly Friends' Stand In For Greg Page At Second Concert After His On-Stage Collapse

The show has gone on for The Wiggles as they took to the stage for a second night in Sydney, paying tribute to original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page who is recovering from a cardiac arrest.

"Umm I would DIE!!!!!!" wrote one hardcore fan.

"My life would be complete!!" said another.

It also looks as though there's interest around the globe with fans in the UK and Singapore putting in their requests for local shows.

We'll keep you posted on Nathan's unofficial petition but 2020 could be the year that the original Hi-5 lineup finally gets on stage together again.

Main Image: Getty.