The Oscars Will Again Go Hostless For 2020

For the second consecutive year, the Academy Awards are set to take place without an official host.

With just one month until the prestigious event kicks off, The Academy's official Twitter account announced the news on Thursday morning as it gave followers "this year's Oscars at a glance", revealing that there would be "stars, performances, surprises" but once again, there would be no host.

ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke confirmed that the 2020 Oscars would again go without a host, with last year being the first time the ceremony proceeded without one since 1989.

"Let me confirm it now, together with the Academy, that there will be no traditional host this year," she said.

She added, “Together with the Academy, we have decided there will be no traditional host, repeating for us what worked last year. [It will have] huge entertainment values, big musical numbers, comedy and star power.”

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It follows the award show's 2019 debacle in which comedian Kevin Hart had been chosen as that year's Oscars host, however, just 48 hours after the announcement, he was forced to step down due to backlash over homophobic comments he had made in the past.

But in a move that saw their audience increase by 12 per cent from their lowest-ever ratings in 2018, rather than replacing the star, the Academy opted to go sans host -- something the Academy hopes to replicate for this year's ceremony.

Last year, Oscars producer Glenn Weiss praised the award show's decision to go hostless, saying: "The host on the show is a great thing, but where we are right now I think this is a good thing because the show is going to move."

"It’s going to be fun to watch and we get to honor all these folks in these 24 categories," Weiss said.



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The 91st Academy Awards will air February 10, 2020, at 10:30 am AEDT.

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