'The Worst Decision I've Ever Made': 'Marriage Story' Is Emotionally Destroying People

Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver's performances in 'Marriage Story' are bringing forth a flood of tears and memes.

The drama directed by Noah Baumbach ('The Squid and the Whale') shows the messy breakdown of a relationship between Charlie (Driver) and Nicole (Johansson) and has been described by critics as "searing", "raw" and "painfully real".

While the gritty divorce scenes between the acting heavyweights are attracting Golden Globes and Oscars buzz, fans who have watched the Netflix film at home have reported that they were absolutely not prepared to have their psyche pulverised in such a fashion on a Sunday night.

While the majority of fans are still reaching for the tissues after the film's most emotionally charged scene, others have -- of course -- mined it for memes and compared 'Marriage Story' to some of the great fights and breakup scenes from pop culture history.

'Marriage Story' is playing at selected cinemas and streaming now on Netflix -- but you've been warned.

Main Image: Netflix/Twitter.