Fast Boats And A Family Roast: Everything You Might Have Missed On ‘The Bachelorette’

With ten boys left in the 'Bachelorette' mansion, Angie decided it was time to call for backup.

After using her brother Brad to help her suss out her suitors early on in the season, Angie announced that she had some "special guests arriving" for the next all-in group date.

She also took Ciarran out for a spin on the harbour, found out the boys were still threatened by Ryan and that Jamie was raising a few red flags.

Here we go!

Angie Takes Ciarran On A Not-So Romantic Boat Ride

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While Jamie was certain that it was finally single-date o'clock, Angie chose Ciarran for a wet and wild ride across Sydney Harbour.

Angie said ahead of the date she wanted to get Ciarran "a little bit messy" to find out who he really is -- but it was their romantic drinks sesh a little later in the evening where she learned what was under the surface of his jester-like exterior.

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Sweaty Hands And Warm Feet: What You Might Have Missed On 'The Bachelorette'

It only took two minutes for this episode of 'The Bachelorette' to descend into hilarity, so we've gathered up the best bits that you might have missed.

Ciarran opened up about his "pretty crap" childhood, his close relationship with his grandmother and Angie apologised for judging his colourful book by its cover.

And voila, after holding back from pashing Angie during their last date, Ciarran sealed the deal and scored himself a rose.

Surprise! The Kents Are Here!

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Meeting the parents usually comes a little later on in a 'Bachelor' or 'Bachelorette' season but Angie wisely reasoned that she was ready to clear out any duds as soon as possible with the help of her mum and dad.

While Angie was jazzed to have her folks in the mansion for a family roast, the boys looked a little more worried that they'd have to smarten up to impress their potential future in-laws.

While Timm was just "deadset shocked" that Angie's parents were going to have to meet the "bunch of larrikins" still in the competition.

"I thought she'd be saving them for a later date," he said.

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'It's A Sign!': Angie's First Two Bachelors Come Bearing Flowers And Flirtation

Angie Kent's first two 'Bachelorette' suitors have made some very strong impressions on the red carpet.

The Boys Throw Jamie Under The Bus 

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During a fun and not at all nerve-wracking 'game' with Angie's dad, five of the boys had to name the bachelor that Angie should steer clear of. They unanimously dobbed in Jamie as a "needy" guy who would probably be texting Ange around the clock.

Angie's mum Jane sat down with Jamie himself and nodded as he listed her daughter's best qualities ("positive energy!") before admitting he hadn't been on a single date with her yet.

Mark and Jane then joined Angie, passing on the goss that the boys think Ryan is untrustworthy -- and that Jamie is "a little bit intense" and Angie should "steer clear" of the guy.

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'It's All I Think About': Jamie Set His Alarm A Little Too Early For A Single Date

Firefighter Jamie has been putting himself through Bachelorette boot camp -- in a state of cat-like readiness for a single date.

Jamie Throws Himself Under The Bus 

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As Jackson put it, Jamie "broke the land speed record" to sprint over to Angie before she'd even made it down the staircase to the cocktail party to remind everyone how intense he's being.

He might have regretted the confrontation after their trainwreck of a chat in which he decided to take up the position that being a "stage five clinger" is actually a good thing.

"I think it's a compliment," he said,  explaining that was "too much of a good guy". The awkward convo only saw Jamie digging an enormous hole for himself but gave us the chance to appreciate Angie's full range of facial expressions.

Which Angie are you today? Photo: Network 10.

Jamie Makes A Miraculous Escape And Glenn Is Sent Packing 

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If you're scratching your head trying to remember if Glenn was even in this episode, we can tell you he got one "yeah" in at the very beginning when someone asked whether he was bummed about getting the last rose.

Jamie was certain that the rest of the guys had ruined all his "positive energy" with Angie and claimed that he was "the innocent victim in all this".

Nevertheless, his name was called last for a rose, even if Angie looked like she was staring solemnly into the middle distance silently humming "hello darkness my old friend" to herself as they hugged.

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Then things took a really dark turn as the 'Bachelorette' soundtrack made way for some screechy horror film strings and Jamie promised he wasn't "going to be a sucker for this bro-code anymore".

"No-one is safe," he added.

We just hope he doesn't buy Angie another pair of socks.

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