Sausage Dogs Bring The Sizzle To 'Legally Blonde' Auditions

Sorry Chihuahua fans, Bruiser Woods is taking on a whole new form for mumma Elle's return to Australian stages.

Based on the much-loved movie, 'Legally Blonde: The Musical' is preparing for its Melbourne revival.

With its leading lady, Samm Hagen, cast and ready to go, the second most important auditions are now underway -- Elle's fellow Gemini vegetarian, Bruiser Woods.

Dachshunds of all shapes (mainly sausage) and sizes (mainly very short) turned out in Melbourne on Sunday, eager to put their best paw forward.

Photo: Instagram/ Legally Blond The Musical

The role is a big gig and the competition's stiff.

"Basically, we're looking for a star," the show's dog trainer, Genya Mik, told 10 News First.

"We need a dog that can bark on command and pretend it's having a conversation...but it just also needs to be super comfortable on a stage -- applause, bright lights, loud noises, all that sort of stuff. So all the things dogs are generally not comfortable with, we need them to be comfortable with."

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Fans of the movie will quickly note the original Bruiser was, in fact, a Chiuahaha.

But eighteen years on, the show's creators are keen to give Elle a fresh-look companion.

"We're bringing new life to the musical," producer James Terry told 10 News First.

"We're setting it in 2019 and so with the new year comes a fresh dog we think. And I think if Elle Woods today wanted to buy or adopt a new dog she might pick a trendy, popular dog like the dachshund."

While orange will never be the new pink, it seems Dachshunds might just be the new chihuahua. Who knew?

The show is partnering with Dachshund Rescue Australia, with the hope of encouraging any would-be dog owners to take home a rescue sausage dog in need of a loving home.

The chosen pooch will undergo a month of daily training before rehearsals for the show begin, learning how to bark on command, run to a particular spot, and sit happily inside a handbag.

'Legally Blonde: The Musical' premieres in November, so little Bruiser better bend and snap to it.

Main Image: Supplied.