This Could Be Netflix's Biggest Comedy Deal Yet

Eddie Murphy is in talks to perform a number of stand-up specials for the streaming service, to the tune of almost $100 million.

TMZ reports that Murphy, 58, is "itching" to get back on stage and is negotiating a massive deal for film rights.

Murphy's potentially giant payday would eclipse the amounts paid to Dave Chappelle, who's said to have earned around $85 million for three specials, and Chris Rock, rumoured to be paid about $57 million for his two specials.

Murphy's iconic 1980s stand-up comedy routines, Delirious and Raw, are both regarded as hugely influential for a generation of comedians.

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But while the aforementioned specials are some of the most popular in stand-up comedy history, much of their material can be seen as dated nowadays, offensive and politically incorrect.

The first quip in Delirious --  filmed in 1983 -- Murphy makes to his audience is, “I got rules. Faggots aren’t allowed to look at my ass while I’m onstage.“

He then spends 15 minutes making jokes like, “I’m afraid of gay people” and “I have a nightmare I go out to Hollywood and find out Mr. T is a faggot”.

Years later, he apologised in an interview with director Spike Lee for similar jokes about people with AIDS, citing his youth and times being "different".

Four years on from Delirious, Murphy taped Raw in 1987 and painted women like an attractive 19-year-old he knew ("b*tch was perfect") as gold-diggers.

"In Raw, Eddie Murphy's talent lies submerged in fear and loathing,"  read one particularly scathing review of the special in New York magazine at the time.

Netflix is investing more in their original content thanks to competitive DTC (direct to consumer) services like HBO Max and Disney coming soon.

In its latest earnings report, Netflix said it had a net loss of American subscribers for the first time in years.

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