AMANDA-LANCHE: Bookies Say All The Logies Money Is On Keller

The Logies are on this Sunday and if the money is any guide, Network 10's Amanda Keller is a huge chance of taking home gold.

While Tom Gleeson is still the favourite, Keller's odds have been getting shorter and shorter -- a trend which directly reflects the weight of punters' money.

"She’s been a big go," TAB's Gerard Daffy told 10 daily.

"Amanda was $4.50 in the opening market, and she's now into $3.50. All the money is going her way.

"Basically it's a popularity contest, and she has that hugely in her favour. Amanda is the lady you’d love to have to as your next door neighbour."

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But would we love to have her as our Gold Logie winner -- the award which is effectively crowns Australia's most popular TV personality?

Well, as 10 daily entertainment editor Stephanie Anderson wrote this week, the scorecard reads 26-14 in favour of the ladies over the fellas. So it's definitely time for a woman.

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And nobody works harder than Amanda. In addition to 'The Living Room', she hosted 'Dancing With The Stars' on Network 10 and also works on her top-rating brekky show with Brendan Jones on Sydney radio station WSFM.

How does she squeeze all that in?

Well, as Amanda told 10 daily senior entertainment reporter Mat Whitehead, it was family first when she decided to add 'DWTS' to the mix.

"I always run everything past the family, I just said it was one night I wouldn't be home for dinner! It was live TV, like pulling a band-aid it was over, so I was very happy to add that to the dance card -- pardon the pun."

The Living Room Season 7 Episode 31, Courtesy of Network Ten

Amanda is also nominated in the category of Most Popular Presenter. The full betting odds are here.

The Logies are on Sunday night, and you can vote for your favourite performers here.