Casey Donovan Wants To Help You Find Closure With Your Catfish

'Catfish Australia' is looking to hear from anyone who suspects their online love might not be the person they claim to be.

The completely confidential online form is now open if you need some helpful backup with your own catfish situation or if you want to come clean about using someone else's profile photos to find love online.

The 'Catfish Australia' co-hosts Casey Donovan and Patrick Abboud told 10 daily that they're here to help and want to provide a supportive environment for people to come forward.

Donovan has spoken openly about her own catfish experience, enduring a six-year online relationship with a friend who betrayed her trust.

At the time, Donovan relied on the support of her manager -- Jason Williamson -- to eventually help her sort fact from fiction and confront the woman who'd been pretending to be the 'boyfriend' who had avoided meeting Donovan in person.

“If 'Catfish Australia' was around when this was going on for me, it’s definitely a tool I would have used," Donovan exclusively told 10 daily, explaining that the show will be a real support system for people who are struggling through similar situations.

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“It’s a tool that takes the pressure off the person that thinks they’re being catfished and lets them know there is support for you," Donovan explained.

The singer added that although the prospect of confronting your own potential catfish situation on national TV might sound terrifying, ending the cycle of deceit and wrapping up an ambiguous relationship is an important part of the healing process.

"I get that it can be a very daunting experience, but it’s one that can give you closure," Donovan told 10 daily.

Documentarian and 'Catfish Australia' co-host Patrick Abboud told 10 daily that the program will be creating a "safe and non-judgemental space for people to let the world know who they really are" rather than making anyone guilty or embarrassed about their catfish situation.

"It's almost the opposite... it's about saying, hey let's work out how we can help connect you to the person you are chatting to online as the REAL you... just as you are with no judgement or preconceptions.

"And who knows maybe we'll even make a love story come true," Abboud told 10 daily.

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Patrick and Casey are encouraging anyone who suspects they might be getting catfished -- or anyone who might want to come clean about their online persona-- to reach out and tell their story.

"If you’re in the online dating scene, and something doesn’t seem quite right, Catfish Australia steps up and can give you closure," said Donovan.

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Main Image: Network 10.