Bachelor In Paradise: Vanessa Sunshine Wants A Second Chance - 'They Gave Me A Sh*t Bachelor'

It was the "Not thrilled" heard around the nation, and now Vanessa Sunshine is back for a second chance at love.

Vanessa fast became a fan favourite on Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins' season of The Bachelor. From the second she stepped out of the limo and rolled her eyes at the curly haired footy player, Vanessa was in a league of her own.

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One that simply did not care what anyone else thought. So why did she decide to jump back in and head into Paradise?

"Well," Vanessa explained to 10 daily, "they gave me a sh*t bachelor."

"Nick was a prize that I did not want to win."

Vanessa said her experience on The Bachelor was eye-opening, "there came a point where I feel like I wasn't going to be the last girl standing for Nick, I understood my place."

"I'm very different to previous girls, so going into Paradise I was like oh maybe they'll put me with someone who is a bit more suited to me."

As for who she hoped she would see, Vanessa -- a legal secretary -- didn't skimp on her homework. Scrolling through bachelors past one very surprising man caught her eye.

"I did my due diligence, it's limited to previous contestants so I definitely did my research and there was literally only one person I was hoping to meet," she said.

In a massive twist, when asked to reveal who that one person would be, Vanessa revealed: "Jefferson". There was a beat of silence before she added, "Remember? He fell asleep on the couch."

During the very first episode of Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette, at the height of action when she was about to hand out the double delight rose, the camera panned past one very dapper looking man stretched out having a kip on the lounge. Jefferson.

Vanessa Sunshine Bachelor In Paradise man Jefferson
Vanessa Sunshine revealed she was hoping to catch some time with sleeping beauty Jefferson. Image: Network 10.

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While she had a wishlist of one, Vanessa wasn't worried about trying to find a connection with whoever else might pop up in Paradise. "I'm not willing to settle for less than I deserve and I don't care that it's a TV show... I'm still a real person, that never changed."

"This is my life and unless there's someone I see a potential future with, a real future not just to stay [in Paradise] as long as possible... I'm going to stay true to myself."

Vanessa Sunshine has no issue speaking her mind, we already know that from her time on The Bachelor. But her propensity to tell it like it is led her to be a target of online backlash, especially on social media. There was, of course, the question of heading into Paradise and if she was concerned about having to face that kind of vitriol again.

"That stuff doesn't get to me," she said frankly. "I think in life you're never going to please everyone, people are always going to hate on someone so no, I don't really care."

"I was never going to change who I am," Vanessa continued, "Not everyone gets my sense of humour, I can't feign interest if I'm not interested and I don't show emotion the same way but I'm well aware of that."

The one thing Vanessa kept coming back to is that, no matter how unreal you think reality TV can be, this is a show about real people. "I just wanted people to know it's okay to be who you are.

"You don't have to give a f**k and if they try to bring you down, there's always a way to rise above it."

Bachelor in Paradise premieres April 9 at 7.30 on Network 10.