Hannah Gadsby Announces Her New Tour Will Take A 'Walk Around Australia'

Hannah Gadsby has announced that she's added Australian dates to her upcoming tour, 'Douglas'.

The comedian was originally taking the highly anticipated follow up to Nanette around the United States -- with a few dates in Melbourne -- but has now revealed more Australians will be able to check out the show.

"I have decided that Douglas will need a good walk around Australia later this year so how about you sign-up here for the pre-sale and get amongst it!" Gadsby wrote on Twitter.

Gadsby kicks off her tour this Friday in Melbourne -- playing 11 sold out shows in the space of just 12 days. 

 Following dates including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin -- Gadsby will be back in Australia at the end of the year to play venues in Sydney, Hobart, Canberra, and again in Melbourne.

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The upcoming tour has been named after one of her dogs, Douglas, who made a brief cameo for the Netflix intro to Nanette. 

Gadbsy announced the tour earlier this year with a video, revealing that she "hadn't quit comedy" despite the promise she made that Nanette was her swan song because she "hasn't got any other skillsets".

Hannah Gadsby will play Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Hobart in December this year, you can find out more on her website

Main Image: Getty Images.